Mark Parisi

Award-winning syndicated cartoonist and now chapter book author.

Mark grew up in Gloucester, Massachusetts and wanted to be a cartoonist since he can remember. He was a bit shy, but loved humor. “I could draw the teacher with fangs and hairy armpits and get laughs without actually having to SAY anything.”


He had a fairly typical progression of influences. First there was Peanuts, then came Mad Magazine, then The Far Side. He dabbled with video production at Salem State College, and even had a music video appear on MTV, but cartooning was always his first love.


After many odd jobs and a degree in graphic design, Mark realized he had two marketable skills: cartooning and grocery bagging.  “I picked cartooning,” Parisi says, “even though it didn’t pay as well.”


“Now I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of Universal Press Syndicate. It’s humbling to be a part of one of the most prestigious and successful syndicates in history.” His cartoon feature, off the mark, now appears in about 100 newspapers, a few greeting card lines, T-shirts, books, calendars and a heavily trafficked web site. Mark has also created customer cartoons for the Billboard Magazine, Dixie Chicks, US Miliatry, DelMonte, and Proctor and Gamble.



Marty Pants: DO NOT OPEN!

After you are settled, you will be given some tea with herbs in it that will help your reflecting process.